July 11, 2016

Who We Are

PhD Insight is founded on the principle that the interpretation of data is one of the most important issues facing the 21st century.

Data science is a powerful tool for improving the human condition.  But it is difficult.  Data science requires a working knowledge of computer science and statistics.  However, these skills often overshadow the more important companion to good data science: solid empirical and holistic understanding of human behavior, emotion, perspective-taking and decision-making.

When was the last time you saw a job posting for a data scientist requesting knowledge of culture, personality and human relationships?  Specific knowledge about all 52 (and counting) of R’s clustering algorithms would be great–but only when coupled with deep understanding of how to think critically about a dataset and the human beings it measures and impacts.

That’s why we have Geeks That Think and Geeks That Speak.  Our two-species of Geek system bridges the divide between the important technical needs of data science and the often overlooked empirical understanding of data in a broader context.

We were founded by neuroscientists who are at the forefront of understanding how the brain creates emotion and decision-making.  We’ve expanded our team to include political scientists, physicists, psychologists, economists, entrepreneurs and a growing number of collaborators.  This gives us the nimble background to understand any dataset and find meaningful, actionable insight to boost any business’s function