July 25, 2016

Join Us

3D_scatter_plot_with_planar_regression_gratitude_study_view2Are you data driven and person focused?

We are just getting started and we are awash in data.  We are on the lookout for talented analysts to put on our bench as employees and consultants.

We offer full benefits and all the good stuff that you expect from a modern workplace. 

We offer aggressive profit/revenue sharing.

We offer flexible freelancing/consulting options if you want to do data science on the side (this is good for graduate students needing summer training or exposure to data science)

We offer full mentorship and friendly help to and for all of our analysts.  We love people and we strive to help anybody involved in the company to live the good life.  We don’t expect you to join and already know everything–data science is a huge field! We are looking for people with outstanding enthusiasm for data and the ability to form ingenious insight from murky data sets.

We are looking for geeks that speak and geeks that think.  That is, we want people who strive build the company and develop external business relationships, as well as people that are happiest left alone with a cup full of coffee and a few screens full of code.

If you’re interested, send an email or resume to: glenn [at] phdinsight.com and tell us a story about how data saved your life.

You can be from the ivy leagues or the ivy walls, the upper echelons or the upper sketch-athons (?).   We don’t care. We’re much more interested in meeting good folks who are helpful, generous and nice to be around.  We can train the rest of what you need to become a data scientist if you have the drive to grind.  That said, you should have solid skills in statistics, preferably using R, Python, or related geeky toolkit, but we are about your passion more than your past so let us know what you want to do.