Data Science for Startups


So you have data, but do you need a data scientist?

We actually think that most non-data heavy organizations do not need a full time data scientist.  For one thing, if you’re a lean start up or a small company and you’re working hard to make profit, the average six figure data scientist salary could prove a large burden on your ability to maintain your company’s feasibility.  In other words, what’s the Return On Investment for a data scientist in your company?  

We offer personal and tailored evaluation to determine what kind of data science your company needs and helps you determine your ROI for a given data scientist in your company and in your field.  Investing in this kind of analysis is a huge investment toward making sure you get as much as you can from your data. Further, we can recruit on your behalf, or place our own data scientists in your company for short or long term to help determine in a lightning-quick, agile manner what data science can do for your company. 

In all the buzz about big data and data frenzied commerce, we are actually hedging our bets about what data science can do for many businesses.  Much of what a company needs can be done in a few simple experiments aimed to solve a few problems within a company, such as using effective A/B Testing to determine the best course of action and the best way to reach your customers and clients.  Many companies also need relatively straightforward algorithm development to build pricing models–once these models are in place, they may only need to be reevaluated quarterly and do not require full time help.

We are nimble and we can examine any organization’s need for data science, and we can independently verify the type of work a data scientist can do and how much they will pay off in the long run.  We are happy to offer very low cost consulting to help you figure out what kind of data science you need and what kind of insight you can glean from your data.  Talk to us about your data! We love data and we love to talk about data! It is why we founded the company in the first place.  Let us know how we can help.

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