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data science consulting

We are data scientists with expertise in the neuroscience of human emotion and decision-making.
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We specialize in building statistical models to predict financial risk. We have experience building optimal credit risk models. This experience translates into broad understanding of risk assessment for any business.

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Market research

Emotion is at the core of every consumer decision. We understand the data that underlies decision and use cutting edge tools to understand sentiment and predict behavior.

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Health Tech

We understand health from a holistic perspective, in terms of physiology, and the decision-making that accompanies health decisions.

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Data Science for Startups

Not every business needs a full time data scientists. We serve the needs of any size company and help with designing data driven approaches to help your business accelerate.

OUR kind of people

We are a tight knit crew of geeks that think and geeks that speak.

Glenn R. Fox, PhD

Glenn earned his PhD from USC’s Neuroscience Graduate Program. He is interested in gratitude, prosocial behavior and data science solutions to improving the world.

Mona Sobhani, PHD

Chief Operations Officer
Mona Sobhani comes to us from UCLA’s Venture Capital fund and Vanderbilt Law after earning her PhD in Neuroscience from USC. Her background includes expertise in neuroscience and law, seed development, and machine learning approaches to the neural bases of social cognition.

David Herman, PHD

Dave has extensive experience in building credit risk models, artificial intelligence, and decision-making.

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